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PUBG Mobile India - Game Strategy

Here are the 53 gaming strategies to help you win PUBG Mobile India. Novice players need to practise their skills slowly and cultivate their awareness in advance. With this 53 gaming strategies, players will make fewer mistakes. Try to attack your opponents and get to first place. Players who have played Player Unknown's Battlegrounds on PC are qualified for the tactical use of opponents, that is, the operation requires a lot of practice. After all, there is a big difference between playing on a mobile phone and PC.

Battle Ground Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India Tip #1: If you were shot in the wild, you should immediately find a bunker in the opposite direction based on the gunfire/fire/bullet hitting the bullet point. It is best not to lie down on the ground, 80%  will die this way.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #2:  When you are shooting each other from behind trees, it is best not to get down, as getting down will make your vertical shooting angle smaller.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #3: When your parachute is about 100 meters away from the target point, you can switch to vertical descent i.e. head down, and you can float to the target point after you automatically open the parachute.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #4:  If you have a choice, try not to carry two guns of the same type. For example, if you carry a Scar (automatic rifle) and you see a UMP9 (submachine gun) and an AK (automatic rifle) on the ground, you will find the AK (automatic rifle) more powerful. So you carry both the Scar and AK together. However, since the game is played by humans, there are always exceptions. If it has 8 times more zooming capabilities, you can also carry an AK as a sniper rifle.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #5:  It is not recommended that newbies use the automatic mode of the automatic rifle in non-building/street fighting situations.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #6:  A newbie's strongest suit is to be fully equipped with M416/scar+S12K.

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Battle Ground Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India Tip #7:  The automatic rifle is best equipped with two sights, using a combination of high-power and low-power, allowing you to deal with various situations calmly. An experienced player usually switches between red dot/holographic/double and 4 times. Don't underestimate the low-powered lens. It is very useful in the final battle. If your automatic rifle has 8 times more zooming capabilities, try not to install an automatic rifle; a submachine gun with a low-powered lens is enough. This is because, very often, the submachine gun is a close-up shot. Simply press and hold the right button to use the third person mode to aim and shoot; Whether to use the sniper rifle with 8 times or 4 times zooming capabilities will depend on personal preference.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #8:  Develop the habit of adjusting the submachine gun to automatic mode when you get it.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #9:  It’s not true that the more accessories you install, the more powerful the gun is. It can only be said that the stability of the gun is relatively high. Many people ignore the M16A4, which is a good gun that can be equipped with three accessories including the scope. It is the M416/scar accessory. If it's not full, try another M16A4.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #10:  There are many new version Uzi guns all over the ground, and when there is capacity and no second gun, pick one when you see the Uzi butt.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #11:  Use the F key to pick things up faster when there are only a few things on the ground, and use Tab to pick things up faster when there are many things on the ground and it looks messy.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #12:  To jump out from the window, press the W key + space bar + C key. By doing so, the window panes will not be broken.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #13: Ultimate safe zone one player vs. one player tip: If everyone is not in the safe zone (that is, you have determined the location of the other party), the poison is about to come. You don't need to run, just hit him directly in the poisoned area.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #14:  The pan can block bullets.

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PUBG Mobile India Tip #15:   Take off your clothes, pants, backpack and pan in the decisive battle in the wheat field. Drink all your drink. Keep the first aid kit but throw away the bandages. Keep 30 - 50 rounds of rifle bullets (not counting the loaded ones), and leave only a little for the submachine gun. According to the capacity of the backpack, keep two or three smoke grenades and grenades. Throwing the grenade can predict the bombing timing. Throw a smoke grenade 15 seconds in advance towards the route you want to run. Then, throw another to the other side to confuse the opponent. You can also leave one shock bomb, and finally throw it in a small circle before running.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #16: Don't underestimate the action of throwing weapons. It is very useful in the final battle/attack/passing through obstacles.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #17:  Don't take the three-level bag, take the two-level bag will do. The two-level bag is easier to carry on your back, but difficult to take off, but if you are in a 4-man squad, it can be carried by a logistics soldier with bad marksmanship.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #18:  The first-level helmet is dark green and earthy gray, the second-level helmet is marine camouflage and desert camouflage, and the third-level helmet has one shape. The first-level body armor is blue camouflage and white camouflage, and the second-level body armor is black. Grade-level body armor is desert camouflage. Two-level backpacks are also divided into green and dark green.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #19:   When there is only one expansion magazine, it is better to install on the S12K than on the automatic rifle.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #20:  Do not use the shotgun for aiming (right click), switch to third person mode and hold the right-click (shooting) button.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #21:  Only the waist bag, body armor, backpack add capacity. The added capacity of different grades of body armor is the same.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #22:   The vertical grip is better than the triangle grip. Although they are called vertical grips in the game, the appearance is completely different.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #23:  The role of the choke coil (renamed as "Muzzle Retractor" in the latest version) refers to Overwatch Roadhog.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #24:  The single player in a four-man squad was killed by a foreign teammate and then picked up his own equipment. First sing on the team voice channel and annoy your opponent who will turn off the voice channel after a while, and then you cut all channels and continue to sing to attract the enemy .

PUBG Mobile India Tip #25:   When using the sniper rifle to shoot, try to hold down after the first shot, see how far the bullet’s fall point is from your prediction, and correct it in your heart. The second shot is when you really start to perform the technique.

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PUBG Mobile India Tip #26:   Bullets are affected by flight time and gravity. When shooting distant targets, you need to advance and raise the muzzle to aim higher.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #27:   If there are no obstacles in the field and if you have been shot, you should stop your gun and run away.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #28:   If the car turned over in the safe zone, go to the back seat and hide.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #29:  The most dangerous area is not the top or the foot of the mountain, but the middle of the slope.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #30:   When you enter the room, first check that the sector is clear before picking up the first aid kit.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #31:  Open the parachute immediately after leaving the cabin, keep the speed at around 40, and float up 2000+ meters.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #32:   Randomly pick a car from the roadside or the garage which has a high number of cars (previously 100%).


PUBG Mobile India Tip #33:  By default, you can’t press the backpack while running unless you update to the steam version. Shift + Tab is the default setting in the steam version. 


PUBG Mobile India Tip #34:   It's great to take a screenshot (F12) during dusk hours. Press and hold Ctrl + U to hide all the interfaces.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #35:   Make good use of Q and E, but you need to practise more, or you will be embarrassed if you get a headshot if you don't extend the barrel of the outstretched gun.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #36:  . In a building, the sound made when not wearing shoes is less than when wearing shoes. The sound made when no shoes are worn is a pounding sound similar to a fish tail slapping on the ground whereas the sound made when shoes are worn is "dong dong dong".


PUBG Mobile India Tip #37:   You can jump from one school district room (dormitory) to the next school district room on the roof of the building, and  from the top of the school district building to the top of the first floor entrance. If you don't practise well, your health point will deteriorate.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #38:   The doors of the surrounding houses are all open, but the door of one house is closed. Be careful.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #39:   Generally speaking, there are several places (restaurants, warehouses, barns) where you can grab plenty of items.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #40:   The container of Port G has many materials on the top, and the container of Port N has many materials on the first stack.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #41:  If the safe zone is in the sea, you can sail to the back of some reefs where the 15x lens (sniper) can't hit you.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #42:  The viewing distance in the settings has no effect on seeing people.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #43:  Don't crawl around on the half slope because people who are well set up will see you at a glance.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #44:  The three-storey red house in P City can be a Spider-Man.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #45:  ​​In the beginning, newbies only dared to play in small places. So try to form a team and practise more often in the school. Eventually newbies can play in big cities.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #46:  The school supplies are not as much as you think.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #47:  When shooting with the telescope, press Shift to hold your breath and shoot with greater accuracy. Without holding your breath, you will find that the crosshair will move slightly with the player's breathing.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #48:  Hurry up and hide while in the bombing area or else you will be bombed.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #49: In the case of a four-man squad, to be more effective, you can shoot together when you see the opponent's car coming.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #50:  After pulling the safety ring on the smoke grenade, you do not need to throw. You can revert to using a gun.

PUBG Mobile India Tip #51: Don't get close to the window while bombing is going on.


PUBG Mobile India Tip #52: Develop the habit of hearing footsteps and immediately look at the small map in the lower right corner to judge between friends and enemies (although there may be situations where friends and enemies exist at the same time, but this probability is very small).

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