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Online Gambling Games: What You Should Know About Kurla Satta Games

If you ask someone what they dream of, the answer is likely to become rich. Most people must work hard for their money, making the dream feel out of reach. However, the best real money online casinos can change your life if you know how to play the lottery online.


We’ll discuss Kurla day and its benefits to help you learn how to use this online casino game for real money in India.

What is Kurla Day

Kurla Day is a form of gambling often used to play online casino games in India. You select numbers, and if those numbers are selected, you win.

However, if your number isn’t chosen, you lose the money you bet if your number isn't chosen. Before playing these online gambling games in India, learning how it works is essential.


Kurla Satta Lucky Number

Many people have a number they consider lucky. They often use that number in games like Kurla Day when playing online casino games. However, it’s critical to note that always using your lucky number doesn’t guarantee your success.

Kurla Night Chart List

The Kurla Day chart lists the winning numbers. When the chart appears, you must locate your number on the list. If it’s on the list, you win considerable money beyond what you bet. However, if it doesn’t appear, you have lost your bet. These online gambling games can be just as harmful as they are beneficial if you aren’t careful.


Karla Day has grown in popularity, with more people playing online casino games than ever before. This game is about luck, you could become a millionaire.


Many Satta games are available in India, but playing them is illegal. However, you can still find ways to play them.


In the early 90s, these games occurred offline before the Internet was widely available. As the Internet provided more accessible access to play the lottery online, they have grown in popularity throughout the country. Kurla Day requires no effort, making it a popular option.


Online gambling games are no longer the most popular choice, however. You’ll find many ways to earn money online. Because gambling online is banned, you could face the consequences of playing these games. However, making money legally with mutual funds and share markets may also be considered a lottery game where luck plays a critical role.


If your number is chosen, you win the set amount. This option is readily available in Mumbai, Haryana, and Delhi.


Kurla Satta typically opens at 1:15 PM and closes at 3:15 PM every day from Monday to Sunday. You will enjoy options like Kurla Day, Kurla Bombay Day, Kurla Gold Day, Kurla Bazar, Kurla Gold Night, Kurla Morning, Star Kurla Day, Kurla Night, Star Kurla Night, and Kurla Bombay Night based on the chart below.

Kurla Night Chart List

You can play Kurla Satta throughout the day from 8:15 am until 10:15 pm. Results are typically announced after closing time, allowing you to choose your number at any time during operating hours.

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Kurla Day, Kurla Satta & Kurla Matka

History of Kurla Day​

Kurla Satta predates India’s independence. At that time, you could only play the game offline. In 1960, the game grew in popularity. The primary purpose of Kurla Stata was originally to bet on opening and closing rates for cotton per the New York Cotton Exchange and Bombay Cotton Exchange.


They calculated the difference between these two markets' opening and closing rates to determine the winner.


As people showed more interest in this form of gambling, a man named Kalyan Bhagat created a game called Worli Matka in 1962. In 1964, Ratan Khatri launched a new version. Bhagat’s version was played daily, while Khatri’s version was only played from Monday through Friday.


Kurla Satta reached its peak in the 80’s and 90’s. They removed the time stamp and chose a slip from the pot to determine the lucky number.


Kurla Night also involves selecting a lucky number to determine who wins the jackpot. Today, these games continue to be popular, but it’s critical to understand fraud risks before you play online casino games.

History of Kurla Day

No one knows what Kurla day will bring today. It’s impossible to predict which random number will be chosen and whether an individual will win. While you can research old numbers that have previously won, it doesn’t guarantee a win today.


Individuals have created many websites, WhatsApp groups, and Telegram groups to help individuals choose a lucky number. If you’re fortunate, you may win with your selected number.


However, keep in mind that if these websites or groups knew the winning number, they would be millionaires already and wouldn’t share the number with others.


Now that you understand how Kurla Day, Kurla Night, and Kurla Satta work, you can determine whether you want to play these online gambling games in India or find other ways to make money online.


We are providing this information for educational purposes only regarding this subject. We don’t encourage gambling or betting through illegal activities.

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