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Play Online Sic Bo Games at the Best Indian Online Casinos Now and WIN BIG!

Our expert guides will show you where to play Sic Bo online and provide you with the rules and strategies for this simple game. Additionally, our Sic Bo glossary teaches key terms and lets you download your very own free Sic Bo bets table to use with real money.


Playing Sic Bo Online Like a Pro

Sic Bo is a must-try game if you find roulette and craps too overwhelming and overwhelming. The fast-paced dice game combines the simplicity that has made roulette so popular with the betting options and dice of craps. The outcome has resulted in fortunes for casino players worldwide.

Playing Sic Bo for Real Money

Sic Bo is ridiculously simple to play with real money. Simply select your wager on the virtual felt and attempt to predict the outcome of the roll of the dice. After that, roll and see what happens. You will win if your numbers are correct. You'll love Sic Bo if you've never played it for real money because:

  • It is extremely simple to play due to the fact that there is little to no learning curve.

  • You can play by rolling the virtual dice and then waiting to see if you win.

  • At the point when you play online Sic Bo, you can bet as little as you need

That's just one reason why playing Sic Bo online for real money is a great idea. Peruse on for the system exhortation and tips you really want to move an endless series of large wins.

Getting to Know the Game

The betting board and the dice are two aspects of real-money Sic Bo that you should be familiar with. Sic Bo actually uses three dice, which may surprise you if you're used to playing with just two. Predicting the exact number, set of numbers, or sum of the three dice is your responsibility.

Like roulette, you can bet on multiple outcomes at once and each bet has a different payout. The various aspects you must be aware of are as follows:

  • Total: This is the most straightforward real-money Sic Bo bet. You will be able to wager on any number between 4 and 16 as well as the sum of the three dice. The numbers 3 and 18 are missing, as you can see. This is due to the fact that they appear elsewhere on the board as triple bets.

  • Single: A single bet is placed on a single number that will appear on at least one of the dice. This indicates that if at least one die lands on a 3, you will win your wager.

  • Double: With this bet, you're betting that two dice will roll a particular number.

  • Triple: Bet on a triple if you believe that all three dice will reveal the same number. The majority of online Sic Bo casinos offer a 30:1 payout for a Triple. You can also wager on a particular Triple, which pays 180:1 Despite the low chances of winning, this is an exciting wager nonetheless.

Playing Sic Bo for Real Money

Real money Sic Bo is ridiculously easy to play. Just choose your bet on the virtual felt and try your hand at predicting what the roll of the dice will be. Then roll and watch what happens. If your numbers come up, you’ll win. If you haven’t played Sic Bo for real cash, you’ll love it because:

  • There’s little to no learning curve making it It’s incredibly easy to play

  • You get to roll the virtual dice and wait to see if you win

  • When you play online Sic Bo, you can wager as little as you want

That’s just the tip of the chip stack of why you’ll love to play Sic Bo online for real money. Read on for the strategy advice and tips you need to roll one big win after another.


Learn to Play Sic Bo in 3 Steps

  • Place your chips on any betting element that is visible on the board.

  • Click or tap the "Roll" button on the screen.

  • Wait for the dice to land. If you win, the amount you get will be different depending on the payout.

You are in charge of when the rolling takes place online. The house handles the rolling in a land-based casino for you. In Sic Bo, the croupier rolls the dice, whereas in craps, players roll their own dice. In fact, most of the time, dice are kept in a small cage.

Keep an Eye Out for a High Payout Percentage

This is the ratio of a casino's payout of winnings to the amount wagered. The casino will pay out $97 for every $100 wagered if the payout rate is 97%. The casino keeps the difference as a profit.

Since this is a total for the entire casino, it does not guarantee that every wager will result in a return of 97 percent. Nonetheless, playing at a Sic Bo club online with a higher payout rate will help your chances of winning.

Playing Sic Bo Securely Online

You wouldn't give your money to a shop that looked suspicious just because they asked you to, right? The same reasoning ought to be applied to online casinos. The following steps can be taken by Sic Bo players to begin their security analysis:

  1. Look for the green trust bar at the top of the homepage, which indicates encryption and SSL certification.

  2. Evaluating firewalls and safe payment options

  3. determining on the site whether frequent internal security checks are carried out

You can be sure that your money and personal information are safe if you take these precautions.

How We Find the Best Sic Bo Casinos

Have you looked for an online casino where Sic Bo can be played for real money? Assuming that is the situation, you know that there are relatively few choices. Sadly, many online casinos do not offer Sic Bo because the payouts are frequently too high.

Keep in mind that many online casinos pay 180:1 for hitting a particular Triple. It is easy to see why casinos despise Sic Bo in comparison to roulette, which pays 35:1 for hitting an exact number.


Even if you find a Sic Bo casino where you can play for real money, it might not be a reputable one. Here, we enter the picture. As experts in online casinos, we have evaluated every Sic Bo site using our 25-step review procedure. You should rest assured that all that has been checked, including the accompanying classifications:

  • Customer service quality (including phone support, live chat, and availability of languages)

  • Store choices and charges related with those choices

  • Cashout speed, promotions, and bonuses

  • Banking safety, encryption, and security

We put together a list of our top picks for you after rating websites across a variety of categories. If an online casino is on our list, you can be sure that it provides one of the best Sic Bo experiences for real money online.

Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Choose low-risk wagers

If you are familiar with roulette, you are aware that you have a nearly 50/50 chance of winning if you place an odd/even or colored bet. The presence of a zero and a double zero gives the house a slight advantage, but the odds are pretty close to being split.

The best way to win real money in Sic Bo is to stick with Small and Big bets. If you get four through ten, you win a small bet. If you get 11 through 17, your big bet pays off. The payout is low because the odds of hitting your number are high. These wagers have a 1:1 payout. That means that you will win $10 if you wager $10.


Blackjack Switch

In this game the player plays two hands at the same time, and after the first four cards are dealt has the option to switch the top card from each hand to try and improve their chances of winning. A Super Match is a side bet in this variant which pays out if the first four cards dealt to the player contain a pair, two pairs, or three of a kind.

Sic Bo Glossary

Any Triple

A wager on Sic Bo in which a player wins if all three dice show the same number. Different from a triple bet. This pays out at a ratio of 30 to 1, which is higher than most casino wagers.


The amount of money a player has available for gambling, whether on or off the table.

Betting Table

Players can place wagers starting at the top on a betting table.

Big Bet

This is a wager that pays out when the dice roll between 11 and 17. In Sic Bo, a Big Bet has a payout of one to one and a low house edge, making it ideal for new players.


The tool that the dealer uses to shake the Sic Bo dice before they are rolled.


The clearing of all bets from the table and returning all chips to their rightful owners (either winning players or the house).


Cubes with six faces. The cube has one to six dots on each side, making each side distinct from the others. In the game of Sic Bo, three dice are rolled, and their final positions decide which bets win and which lose.


A wager that two of the three dice will reveal a particular number. A double wager can only be placed on numbers between one and six.


This is a bet that two of the three dice will show two different numbers. In the game of sic bo, there are fifteen possible combinations of duo wagers.


Slang term for betting the same amount as in the previous round. In Sic Bo, as with most casino games, re-betting is common.


A bet on a single number; now and then called a "solitary" bet. The payout for one dice that match the number is 1 to 1, whereas the payout for two or three dice that match the number is higher.

Small Bet

When all of the dice add up to less than 11, this bet pays out. excluding triple ones, triples, and triples of three. A Small Sic Bo wager has a payout ratio of one to one. This is a great bet for new players, despite the fact that it is not particularly exciting.


A component that is just presented by online club. The cage moves when you press the spin button, and the dice start to spin in preparation for the roll.

Strong Bet

Any wager that must be placed on all three dice simultaneously is considered a strong Sic Bo bet. A Strong Bet, for instance, is betting that each of the three dice will display the same number. Ironically, these bets typically have high house edges, making them less appealing choices.


A wager placed on the precise sum of the three dice. Despite the high payout, this well-known Sic Bo bet is obviously unlikely to win.


This is a wager that each of the three dice will display the same particular number. With a payout ratio of 180 to 1, this Sic Bo bet is both the least likely to win and the most profitable of all. Despite the fact that it may not be the most intelligent wager, the payout is undeniable.

Weak Bet

A strong bet is the opposite of this; a wager that relies on one or two dice rather than all three at once. Making a Simple Bet is one example.

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