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Investors poorer by over Rs 11.23 lakh cr in two days of heavy market selloff

Published: Dec 20, 2021

Source: The FInancial Express


Investors became poorer by Rs 11,23,010.78 crore in two days as domestic equity market continued to face severe drubbing amid a global selloff. The BSE benchmark Sensex plunged 1,182.53 points to a low of 55,829.21 in early trade on Monday. The benchmark had tumbled 889.40 points or 1.54 per cent to close at 57,011.74 on Friday.

investors poorer.jpg

Source: DNA

Published: Dec 20, 2021

Man quits job to start YouTube channel about cryptocurrency, know his salary HERE

Quitting a steady job with a fixed income to pursue your passion is a very courageous and risky decision and doesn’t work out well for everyone, but this man decided to leave his job and be his own boss, and now, he is happier than ever!

Ben Chon, who worked as an investment banking analyst, decided to leave his job at a top firm in 2018. He took this decision a year after his mother was diagnosed with ALS, and never looked back since. After quitting his job, Chon decided to create his own destiny.

Ben went on to open a YouTube channel by the name of Rareliquid and decided to focus on what he knows best, which is the world of finance. He talked about how one can make and grow their career in finance, tech, and cryptocurrencies.

Now, Ben Chon has established himself as a professional YouTuber, with over 71000 subscribers to his channel. Not only this, but he earned a whopping $26,000 in the month of November, which roughly calculates up to over Rs 17 lakh.

Through his YouTube channel, Chon advises his viewers about stocks, careers, and cryptocurrencies. Business Insider quoted Chon as saying, “I’m not actually viewing Rareliquid as a YouTube channel. I have a lot of ideas for the different revenue streams and mini businesses within the whole business.”

His remarkable content made him get brand sponsorships, advertisement, resume advice, and course offering, which helped him earn over $19,000 in July this year. Chon revealed that he had always liked investing in stocks, and decided to impart his knowledge to other fellow investors through his channel.

Talking about his experience as a YouTuber, Insider quoted Chon as saying, “Now that I have moved to YouTube, I am able to teach students and subscribers but in a much more creative way, which has led to varied streams of income.” In the month of November, Chon earned over Rs 17 lakh through his channel.