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US Federal Reserve's interest rate hike pulls down Sensex

Source: The Print
Published: Sept 30, 2022


The 30-share BSE Sensex declined 337.06 points or 0.57 per cent to settle at 59,119.72. During the day, it tanked 624 points or 1.04 per cent to 58,832.78.

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Source: The Print

Published: Oct 03, 2022

India slashes base import price of palm oil, gold

India has slashed the base import prices of crude and refined palm oil, crude soya oil and gold, the government said in a statement late on Friday, as prices corrected in the world market.

The government revises base import prices of edible oils, gold and silver every fortnight, and the prices are used to calculate the amount of tax an importer needs to pay.

India is the world's biggest importer of edible oils and silver and the second-biggest consumer of gold.

Base prices for all commodities are in $ per tonne, except for gold and silver. The gold tariff is in $ per 10 grams and silver in $ per kg.

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