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Main Ratan Guessing Review

Main Ratan Guessing is one of the games under the Satta Matka Games umbrella, which includes games like Kalyan, Mumbai Kalyan Night, Kamdhenu, Rajdhani Night, Main Ratan Day, Main Janta Day, Super Bombay, Main Sridevi Night, Main Ratan Bombay, Dhanlaxmi Day, Time Syndicate, Madhuri Day, Madhuri Night, and Kalyan Matka.

Basically, Satta Matka games like Main Ratan Guessing is a gamble on numbers. Players should choose their numbers right to earn more. Just like any other game, there are rules where players need to follow to win in Satta Matka. The following are 3 Golden Rules which everyone – be they a beginner, experienced or a seasoned player – can follow to win.

Golden Rule #1: Start playing with a smaller amount

Remember to always start playing or betting on a smaller sum. When you play with an amount that you can afford to lose, you are playing at a low-risk level. Conversely, if you put a lot of money into your first bets, you are playing at a high-risk level.

When you discover that you are losing more than winning, then you should stop gambling for a certain period of time. You should fight the temptation to continue playing when you are losing.

The reason that we advise you to start with a smaller sum is so that when you lose, you can recover the losses in future games. If you lose a lot initially, it will be pretty difficult to recover your losses later.

Experts claim that it is highly beneficial to play Satta Matka with the minimum or max to max 50% of one’s hard-earned money, so that if you encounter a bad day while playing Matka, at least you can win the subsequent Satta Matka games you play.

Golden Rule #2: Remember to always set your profit targets

The second golden rule states that you can’t decide to play Satta Matka on a whim. You need to first have a strategy by understanding the game and the logic behind it.

Once that is done, you need to find a reliable website to play your game. Good websites offer their tips and tricks, as well as other related information so you can make wise choices.

Next, you should devise your own tricks and strategies which you intend to deploy while playing Matka games like Main Ratan Guessing.

Subsequently, decide on how you intend to make even more profit from your idle money. You need to know how to invest wisely so you can earn as much as 80 times of your original amount. Set your targets such that you do not lose a lot of money.

Try the regressive profit method where players normally win more than others in Kalyan Matka. This method puts you in a low-risk environment where you bet small but have the potential to win big. Playing in such a manner will let you win more in fewer rounds, bets, plays or cues.

Golden Rule #3: Always do your calculations

One winning strategy in playing games like Main Ratan Guessing is to always begin with the minimal betting amounts in the Matka chart. Aim to win slowly but steadily. Once you find yourself winning on a regular basis, start raising your betting amount in a calculated manner. Follow tried and tested tips that will help you play Satta more confidently. As you progress, your guesses, logic and moves will be better, hence helping you win more and lose less.

Finally, you need to expect to win and lose while playing Satta Matka games like Main Ratan Guessing. We all have our good and bad days. The most important thing is, with experience, you develop your skills and, subsequently, your chances of winning.

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