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Play Online Keno Games at the Best Indian Online Casinos Now and WIN BIG!

Real money Keno is basically the lottery on demand. Pick your numbers, wait for the casino to draw a series of numbers, and then get paid out based on how many you were able to catch (guess correctly).


Getting to Know the Game

A pay table, a keno card, and a few buttons make up a typical real-money keno game. While each online keno game is unique, these are the fundamental features you can expect to find when playing online.

  • Keno Card - A keno card is basically a huge number grid. It's like a big lottery ticket with the numbers 1 through 80 on it. There are typically eight rows of 10 numbers in online keno games.

  • Pay Table - This demonstrates the amount you will receive for each catch. In keno, hitting more numbers does not always result in a payout. Instead, if you hit a high percentage of the numbers, you get paid. For instance, you could win 1800 times your bet if you hit 6 of 6 selected numbers, but only 2 times your bet if you hit 6 of 14 selected numbers.

  • Quick Pick - You can select the Quick Pick button to have the system select the numbers for you rather than selecting them yourself. Similar to the majority of state lotteries' quick pick feature, this is also available.



How to Play Keno Online

  • Choose a game of online keno. Check out the various keno games at the best casinos on our shortlist if you're not sure where to begin.

  • Pick a few numbers. You can select anywhere from one to twenty numbers from the keno grid in most games. The number of you pick is totally dependent upon you. But keep in mind that your payout rate will be higher the more numbers you catch.

  • Set a wager amount for each draw. Clicking the arrows next to the amount of your bet lets you change it.

  • You will then be approached to demonstrate the number of games that you might want to play. For instance, it will cost you $5 to wager $1 on your numbers and play five games in total.

  • Trust that the numbers will be attracted to see whether you are a victor! The maximum number of numbers will be drawn by the system, and each one will be marked with an X or a checkmark. After that, you'll get paid according to how many numbers you hit.

Keno Rules

Although Keno is an easy game to learn, familiarizing yourself with the rules is always a good idea. When you play the game, we recommend that you keep in mind the following important aspects.

  • There are 80 numbers on the Keno board, but you can't pick all of them. The casino you play at will determine how many numbers you can choose from, but the average range is between 15 and 20.

  • Some real-money casinos require you to play at least two numbers, while others will let you play as few as one number.

  • You won't be able to see your winnings until a keno game has started in a land-based casino where you play for real money. On the web, you're in charge of precisely when each game beginnings.

How We Rate Online Keno Casinos

Our rigorous 25-step review process has been applied to each casino featured on our website. Since we want to make sure that our readers have the best online gaming experience possible, we insist that all casinos, including those that we recommend for keno, meet our stringent requirements before they can receive our highest rating. We will not recommend a casino if it does not meet any of our essential criteria.

Security Measures

Security ought to be of the utmost importance when playing online keno for real money. We want casinos to have a valid operating license, be audited for fairness and security by an organization like eCOGRA, and use encryption to protect any data you share with them.

Banking Options

Not only is it essential to have access to a wide range of banking options, but it is also essential that all payments made to and from online casinos be quick and safe. We don't want to hear about players having trouble withdrawing winnings or seeing processing times that are too long.

Game Selection

Alongside a great choice of Keno games, we like to see a selection of slots, table games and live dealer games. To ensure quality, we look out for titles from popular software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, and test them out for real money ourselves.


We anticipate receiving a welcome bonus for all new players and additional bonuses for existing customers at all reputable casinos. The playthrough requirements ought to be understandable but not excessive.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Casinos ought to be able to optimize their website interfaces for smaller screens and provide an amazing experience on both mobile and tablet devices. On the off chance that the club has an application accessible to download, that is a special reward.

How to Win Keno

Keno is a game of chance where you have little control over the outcome. You just relax, take in the spectacle, and hope luck is on your side.

However, you can still try to minimize your losses by employing a general strategy, such as:

Begin by betting the minimum amount. On the off chance that you dominate a match, up your bet. If you fail, lower it. Although this is not a surefire way to win, many real-money keno players have achieved impressive outcomes with this strategy.

Keep in mind that Keno online, like all legitimate online casino games, uses a random number generator (RNG) to select the winning numbers. This indicates that you are powerless to alter those figures.

Our Top Tips for Online Keno

Keno is a game of chance, as previously stated, with little chance of influencing the odds. However, this does not preclude you from taking steps to maximize your enjoyment of each game. Our top four hints for keeping up with your keno game are listed below.

Use the same set of numbers every time.

It is simpler to identify the frequently occurring numbers. If you want to increase your chances of winning, try adding a mix of high and low numbers in a healthy ratio.

Take Advantage of Keno Bonuses

When you first join a casino, most of them will give you a competitive bonus to help you get started playing Keno or other games.

Use Your Money judiciously

Set a limit on how much you can afford to lose before you begin. You would rather not blow all your cash in that frame of mind round, so contemplate the number of games that you might want to likewise play and put down your wagers.

Keno Terminology

Aggregate Limit

The total amount that can be won by the casino in a single round. Players may have to accept smaller winnings if this threshold is reached. This is a feature that the casino must offer for a game like Keno, where the total payouts can reach insane levels.


Ping pong balls with numbers from one to eighty written on them. chosen at random to determine the Keno round winners. These are equivalent to the wheel in roulette or dice in craps for Keno.


The amount of money a player has available to use in Keno.


The total amount wagered by a player on a single ticket in a single Keno round.


The casino worker who actually announces the Keno game's winning numbers.


The moment prior to the drawing of Keno balls. No club tickets can be composed while the game is shut.


The twenty Keno balls that are "drawn" each round in the panel. This shows the triumphant numbers.


A collection of circles around unmarked spots.


The digital display that displays the draw's numbers.


A slang term for the apparatus that mixes the Keno balls and eventually draws them. If you encounter a shockingly high number of other players who are unfamiliar with this crucial term, don't be surprised.


A catchphrase for a winning position. When one of your spots matches a number in the draw for the round, this is achieved.


A colloquial name for the casino.

House Edge

The proportion of any given wager that, according to statistics, the casino is likely to keep in the long run. A high house edge is good for the casino but bad for players. Keno has a house edge of about 30%, making it higher than the average game.


On a Keno ticket, it is used to indicate which numbers are spots. Usually created using a black crayon that the casino provides specifically for this purpose.


The alternative to closed. any time the casino accepts additional Keno wagers for the upcoming draw.

Pay Table

The graph that shows precisely how much a win is worth.

Punch Outs

A layout presented by the house. A punch out is the same as your original Keno ticket, but it leaves out all of the numbers from the draw. Players will find it much simpler to quickly check for winning tickets as a result of this. Simply place it over your ticket and observe which spots emerge through the slots.

Random Number Generator

A mechanism used to generate the draw at random in video Keno games and online casinos. a tool for playing Keno and other casino games that is completely random and fair.


A slang term for any number on a Keno ticket that has been marked.


The piece of paper used by Keno players to place wagers. It has an eighty-number grid (from one to eighty) on which players can mark their spots and select their bet size. After the wager has been placed, a copy should be provided to the player.


A well-liked method of playing Keno set up by the host casino. Players compete in a series of games to outperform one another and win the total prize money. Because a Keno tournament has a completely different atmosphere and pace than a standard session, it is one of the best ways to shake up your game.

Way Ticket

Any Keno ticket that contains at least two particular wagers.


A member of the casino staff who interacts with the keno players. Accepting completed Keno tickets, making the official digital ticket, taking money for all wagers, and paying players with winning tickets are all responsibilities. Do not erroneously refer to these employees as "dealers."

Keno Rules
Security Measires
Tips for Online Keno
Advantage of Keno Bonuses
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