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What is net zero and how India is planning to achieve it by 2070

Published: Nov 11, 2021

Source: Daily O

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26 (Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC) in Glasgow that India will achieve net zero emissions by 2070, a date that is set two decades later than the summit's commitment to reach that target: 2050. So what is 'net zero emissions' - what you know as 'net zero' - and why has India committed to achieving this goal much later than other countries?

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Source: India Today

Published: Nov 12, 2021

Six locally-brewed drinks from Goa you must try on your next trip

It's a sweltering weekday evening and the small tavern in a quiet village in North Goa is abuzz. Smoke spirals from cigarettes as Justin Bieber streams over the speakers. Almost every table sports a small brown bottle with an arresting label—People's Lager, a beer brewed in Goa, featuring local rice. The beer launched in July and is already turning heads outside the state.

It's no unique incident. In recent years, Goa's alcohol industry has seen an influx of brands. There is Maka Zai rum, Maka Di beer, Rahasya vodka, Matinee gin, Clearly Good gin, and more. It's not just alcohol, the alternative beverage market is booming, too, with non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink and low-ABV beverages. "Goa is one of the major hubs for alcohol manufacturing, especially for new brands, because of its excise-friendly laws and ease of doing business. As one of the major tourist destinations, it also makes it easier for a new brand to enter the market and help spread the word around," says Vidur Relan, Founder, Beat Spirits (a ready-to-drink cocktail brand).

A list of locally-brewed spirits to try on your next trip to the sunshine state.


School friends Reuben Coutinho and Tanishq Palekar spent their free time in the pandemic-induced lockdown contemplating which alcohol to work on. There was much happening with gin and whiskey, so they settled on wine. "We wanted to create a quality product that would work well on its own, or in sangrias," says Palekar.

Launched in September, Finally Friday Spirits' Vinho Fontainhas is a premium wine, low on the sweetness and made from grapes sourced in Sangli. The name is a tribute to one of the most recognised spaces in Goa—Fontainhas.

Cost: Rs 250 for 375ml


Jill D'Souza and her husband Karlyle Gomes were drinking at their friend Clement DeSylva's home and started experimenting with infusing their feni. The results were a hit and they decided it had to be shared. With their fourth partner, Pritesh Desai, they decided to create Aani Ek feni—cashew feni infused with three flavours: limon, chilli and honey cinnamon. The name of the soon-to-launch feni comes from a phrase heard often at bars in Goa, 'aani ek' [one more]. It is meant to be sipped neat, or in cocktails.

Cost: Rs 750 for 750ml


Last year, Adriel Sequeira got inspired to create his own gin. Sequeira took over the family business, Spirit De Goa, in 2013 and has been blending all the company spirits. Gin seemed a natural progression.

Seqer launched in August and contains 10 botanicals, including rosemary, cinnamon, nutmeg and cashewnut. Its bright blue bottle is meant to remind people of Goa's blue skies and seas.

Cost: Rs 1,350 for 750ml


'By the people, for the people' could well be the slogan of Goa Brewing Co's newest brew. Their People's Lager is born from 'the toughest year we have been through. Without our People, their kindness and sacrifices, we would have not made it this far'.

It also aims to bring awareness to Goa's disappearing heirloom rice varieties. They work with local ukdo (parboiled) rice. They purchase the heirloom varieties directly from the farmers.

Cost: Rs 70


In April of 1721, French pirate Olivier Levasseur had just plundered 'Nossa Senhora do Cabo'- the Bishop of Goa's ship. The ship's treasure—valued at over a billion dollars—also included barrels of rum, distilled in a secret village along the banks of the Mandovi river called Segredo Aldeia.

Today, this legendary village finds its story retold through Segredo Aldeia, Goa's newest rums (available in white rum and a café rum) from Fullarton Distilleries. The sipping rums are made with a combination of cane and jaggery.

Cost: Rs 1,650 (café rum) and Rs 1,500 (white rum); available in Mumbai and Goa


Vidur Relan got introduced to the ready cocktail/ hard seltzer market while studying in the US. On his return, he partnered with Rohan Khar and launched BEAT ready-to-drink cocktails. They chose gin because "it has been one of the fastest-growing segments in the overall alcohol industry". Alcopop Spirits' BEAT gin seltzers are available in Cucumber Ice and Watermelon Crush.

Cost: Rs 120-150